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Get to Know Me Meme Favorite Actresses [1/5] 

   ↳ Cote de Pablo

"I actually never thought I’d be an actress. I always thought I was gonna be a singer because it was always what I did. I was a very quiet, shy kid and I was always making observations and I was always sort of hiding behind my grandmother’s skirt. I was watching things from afar. It wasn’t until I came to this country that I had to sort of crack the shell and develop a voice so that people didn’t walk all over me. And so I started expressing myself in many different ways and that’s how I landed on a stage in theater class in middle-school and that’s the beginning."



hardest 180 of my life

hardest 180 of my life


30 day tiva challenge [30/30]

The night's just getting started, my little hairy butt.

Your face makes my day |♥| Cote de Pablo


You are so sweet